Most challenges in coastal science and management demand an integrative approach. The project “Modular System for Shelves and Coasts” (MOSSCO, 2013-2016) thus developed an infrastructure that facilitates integration of existing model and data components. In the second phase of the project (MOSSCO Synthesis, 2016-2019) the modular infrastructure will be brought to a number of coastal applications, which are centered around the benthic-pelagic interface.

"*We bring together the distributed capacities in coastal ocean modelling in Germany to build a common infrastructure for the national and international coastal research community.*"

The MOSSCO project

Domain and process coupling with MOSSCO


MOSSCO builds a framework for a modular data and model system, an infrastructure that has been identified as a research demand by the Küstenforschungsagenda Nord- und Ostsee (KüNO) within the framework of the Research Agenda for Sustainable Development FONA). MOSSCO integrates physical, biological, chemical and geological modules in an exchangeable way. This modular infrastructure supports synoptic studies of coastal and shelf seas including their interfaces to adjacent Earth system components, such as sediment, atmosphere, rivers and the open ocean.


High-resolution model studies will be conducted for four regions (southern North Sea, North Frisian North Sea, western Baltic Sea, and Oder Lagoon). Based on state-of-the-art hydrodynamical modeling, these applications will address research questions arising from the interplay of biogeochemical, ecological, and sedimentary processes within the coastal transition zone. Central questions focus on drivers of macrobenthic dynamics, the effects of macrobenthic communities on ecosystem and sediment dynamics, or an the processes responsible for nearshore nutrient gradients. Related model studies will support specific demands of partner KüNO projects including those in the engineering KüNO call, and of German authorities responsible for EU Framework Directives.


The proposal ("Leitantrag") is available for download as a